Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vegetable Garden

FIL has been revamping our little driveway garden in the past months and I absolutely love that we are now producing bits of vegetables for our meals at home. These cute yet useful plants are all contained in pots and the vegetables are definitely 'sweeter' in taste - they've got that extra zip and zest to them - probably because they are really fresh and pesticide free. I was thinking of suggesting starting a vermicompost, but I think I'd better take things 1 step at a time!

Screwpine leaves which smell fantastic with so many uses for them.

I believe these are called grape-tomatoes - they've got small-ish cute yellow flowers
This is the still green tomato. Will try and post photos of the ripened version later on.

Our longbeans which will probably need replanting soon. They have been harvested many times over and somehow, caterpillars love the taste of the leaves

A little eggplant that just metamorphosised from the flower.

And this is the 'grown-up' version of the eggplant. It's not fully ripened yet I guess, and we are still trying to determine how big it can grow!

We are now hosting a bunch of these little wrigglers on both our longbean plants and eggplant. J claims that she doesn't mind sharing our vege-plot with them as they are her friends ...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ATC ~ J's Garden

J made this ATC some months back but it somehow got lost in her stuff and only recently reappeared again. This is done with colour pencils, depicting a butterfly hovering above this strange, err ... I mean, extraordinary flower. This is a 'special' rainbow butterfly - so says J.